11/15/2018 05:30 PM
Peugeot Returns to U.S. to Help People Get Around, but Not With Its Cars
The company is thinking smaller, rolling out a mobility app, but also bigger: The move is about the future of the car market as well as the company.
11/15/2018 06:19 PM
What Tesla’s ‘Delivery Logistics Hell’ Is Like for Model 3 Buyers
So close to getting their cars, some customers have encountered delays, mix-ups or quality problems as Elon Musk’s operation tries to work out kinks.
11/08/2018 10:12 PM
Tesla Names a Successor to Elon Musk as Board Chief
Robyn Denholm, an Australian executive, was named days before a regulatory deadline for the electric-car maker to replace its chairman.
11/08/2018 11:45 PM
Wheels: The Racecars Are Allards. He’s an Allard. There’s Just One Issue.
Head-turning Allards, precursors to the hugely popular AC Cobra, are being built again by Roger Allard, who is not related to the original family.
11/14/2018 09:37 PM
A Model T, Abandoned as Paradise Burned, Emerges With Barely a Scratch
The antique car stands out like a museum piece in a vast landscape of destruction. But that is little comfort to its owner, who lost his home and his town to the flames.
11/01/2018 02:07 PM
Wheels: A Comfortable Place to Spend 38,000 Hours Behind the Wheel
That’s how long Americans spend driving in a lifetime, on average. Seats may not be the first thing to consider when buying a car, but a good one can mean a better ride.
11/02/2018 06:43 PM
The Best Tips and Tools for Safer Winter Driving
Winter presents unique driving dangers. Here is some advice and useful gear to keep in the trunk to stay safe on the roads.
11/01/2018 01:01 AM
In U.S.-India Trade, Trump Sees Only Harley-Davidson
India and the United States face deadlines in the coming days to decide disputes over trade and oil. The president is most interested in motorcycle tariffs.
11/01/2018 03:12 PM
Rising Interest Rates Pinch U.S. Auto Sales, Consumer Confidence
U.S. auto sales rose slightly in October, hit by rising interest rates and higher vehicle prices, and No.2 carmaker Ford Motor Co. warned of slipping consumer confidence, indicating sales volumes would continue to moderate in 2018.
10/24/2018 11:23 PM
Tesla Reports a Rare Quarterly Profit, Its Biggest Ever
A surge in sales of the Model 3 helped lift the company’s performance, but big financial and production challenges remain.
10/26/2018 05:51 PM
Trump’s Trade War May Create New Auto Jobs. In China.
Caught in a crossfire of tariffs, BMW and other foreign carmakers are gauging whether to relocate some manufacturing to China. Jobs could follow.
10/22/2018 06:37 PM
Stocks Slip Again, and Automakers Continue a Long Decline
Shares of carmakers have slipped more than 25 percent this year, as higher interest rates, lower sales and rising trade tensions bite.
10/11/2018 02:53 PM
Wheels: Order a Coffee and Pay, With a Tap on the Dash
Automakers are connecting cars with technology that lets drivers order food, make reservations and pay for gas, bypassing their cellphones.
10/31/2018 10:36 AM
The Computer Chauffeur Is Creeping Closer
Fully autonomous cars are years away, but it’s the automobile where artificial intelligence could have a critical role for the greatest number of people.
10/10/2018 06:38 PM
Volkswagen, With a New U.S. Leader, Aims for a Revival
Struggling to win back consumer trust after an emissions scandal, the automaker picked an American executive to head the company in the United States.
10/05/2018 10:06 PM
Ford, an Automaker at a Crossroads, Seeks Cuts and Partners
With its stock at its lowest point since 2009, the company plans to trim its salaried work force and is exploring an alliance with Volkswagen.
10/04/2018 01:23 AM
Honda Putting $2.75 Billion Into G.M.’s Self-Driving Venture
The Japanese automaker will take a $750 million stake and commit $2 billion over 12 years in the race to develop fully autonomous vehicles.
10/29/2018 01:08 PM
Unraveling a Tesla Mystery: Lots (and Lots) of Parked Cars
Groups of new vehicles are being detected in unexplained locations across the country. Evidence being posted online has raised questions about production, logistics, quality and even demand.
10/02/2018 07:10 PM
Tesla Reports Progress on Model 3 Car Production
The improvement is welcome news for a company that has been rocked by upheaval since Elon Musk, its chief executive, unveiled an abortive buyout plan.
10/05/2018 02:33 AM
Wheels: Motorcycle Makers Shake Up Designs to Draw New Riders
Indian Motorcycle unveiled a stylish new bike. It is one of a number of makers taking a daring, and perhaps unexpected, leap with its designs.
10/02/2018 06:01 PM
'A Tale of Two Hurricanes' for September U.S. New Car Sales
Major automakers on Tuesday posted a hefty drop in U.S. new vehicle sales for September, caused in part by a decline in sales in areas hit by Hurricane Florence and a tough comparison to the previous September when consumers rushed to replace vehicles damaged by Hurricane Harvey.
10/02/2018 11:43 AM
Trump Hails Revised Nafta Trade Deal, and Sets Up a Showdown With China
The president said the new pact will help United States companies and workers. But the deal’s importance may have less to do with its details than the signal it sends.
10/01/2018 02:32 PM
Elon Musk Steps Down as Chairman in Deal With S.E.C. Over Tweet About Tesla
After walking away from a deal, Tesla’s chief agreed to give up the chairmanship for three years and pay a $20 million fine.
09/28/2018 10:49 AM
Tesla Chief Elon Musk Is Sued by S.E.C. in Move That Could Oust Him
The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit Thursday that accused Mr. Musk, the electric-car manufacturer’s chief executive, of making false and misleading public statements.
09/28/2018 07:21 PM
Elon Musk’s Fans Just Took a Big Hit as Tesla Shares Tank
The stock tumbled nearly 14 percent Friday. The S.E.C.’s lawsuit against Mr. Musk is putting the spotlight on a company in turbulence and celebrity C.E.O.s.
11/14/2018 04:02 PM
Uber’s Losses Continue Ahead of Initial Public Offering
Uber, which is moving toward a public debut next year, said its net loss was more than $1 billion in the third quarter.
11/14/2018 06:47 PM
A Real Chance at Criminal Justice Reform
Sessions is out. Trump is on board. It’s time to put these necessary changes into action.
11/09/2018 01:03 PM
letter: G.O.P.’s Formula for Success: An Appeal to Racism
“The G.O.P. has prospered by pandering to prejudice,” a reader says, and President Trump has simply taken it to “a more blatant level.”