10/15/2021 08:29 AM
A Nostalgic Quest to Buy a 1986 Toyota MR2
The pursuit of a car wistfully recalled from the writer’s youth begins with an exhaustive online search and ends with an auction victory and a special delivery.
10/01/2021 03:00 AM
High Octane and a Stick Shift: Standout Cars as an Era Starts to End
Hitting the road and track with Cadillac’s roaring Blackwings, a Porsche 911 GTS and the rare BMW M2 CS.
10/18/2021 06:42 PM
Robert Haas, Financier and Aerial Photographer, Dies at 74
He specialized in leveraged buyouts in the 1980s, shot distant landscapes and wildlife from helicopters, then collected so many motorcycles that he opened a museum.
10/13/2021 11:50 AM
Are Tesla and Texas a Perfect Match? It’s Questionable.
While its C.E.O., Elon Musk, and the state’s conservative lawmakers share libertarian sensibilities, they differ greatly on climate change and renewable energy.
10/12/2021 01:13 PM
G.M. Hopes to Double Its Revenue by 2030 By Selling EV.s and Services
G.M. said it would develop ride-hailing services that use autonomous cars, create insurance products and expand its defense contracting work.
10/13/2021 04:55 PM
Tesla Under Scrutiny Over Lack of Recall After Autopilot Update
In a letter, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminded Tesla that federal law requires automakers to initiate recalls if they find defects that pose a safety risk.
10/13/2021 07:44 AM
Wholesale Used Car Prices Rise, Pointing to Higher Inflation
Used car prices, normally a tiny contributor to overall inflation, have become a key influence on the direction of measures like the Consumer Price Index.
10/07/2021 06:00 AM
Collectors Who Caught the Bug
Volkswagen’s original Beetle, cute and petite, still thrills aficionados.
10/13/2021 11:56 AM
A safety agency finds no cause to investigate Tesla battery safety.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said battery fires in Tesla’s electric vehicles when no crash was involved were “rare events.”
09/30/2021 06:59 PM
Lordstown Motors Will Work With Foxconn, a Contract Manufacturer
The deal could result in the sale of the struggling automaker’s Ohio factory to Foxconn. Lordstown is under federal investigation and needs more cash to mass-produce an electric pickup truck.
10/13/2021 11:56 AM
Tesla Reports Record Quarterly Deliveries Amid Chip Scarcity
The electric-car maker has weathered the global shortage of semiconductors better than more established rivals.
10/15/2021 08:30 AM
Chip Shortage Makes Big Dent in Automakers’ U.S. Sales
General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Stellantis and Nissan reported recent declines as problems in the global supply chain held down output and inventories.
10/05/2021 11:50 AM
Ford Will Build 4 Factories in a Big Electric Vehicle Push
The automaker and a supplier will spend $11.4 billion on three battery factories and a truck plant, creating 11,000 jobs.
10/13/2021 07:45 AM
Used Car Prices Catch Wall Street's Eye as a Predictor of Inflation
The Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index, an obscure tracker of wholesale used-car prices, has become closely watched by the finance world’s high rollers.
09/23/2021 10:16 AM
What Will It Take for Electric Vehicles to Create Jobs, Not Cut Them?
A report by a liberal think tank tries to quantify the potential employment gains and losses, concluding that subsidies will be crucial.
09/22/2021 02:20 PM
Volkswagen's Truck Unit Warns Chip Shortage Will Undercut Sales
Traton, the maker of Scania, MAN and Navistar trucks, said it was also suffering from shortages of many other critical components.
09/21/2021 02:00 PM
AutoNation Names Mike Manley as C.E.O., Replacing Mike Jackson
The former chief executive of Fiat Chrysler, Mr. Manley will start at the automotive retail giant on Nov. 1.
09/20/2021 03:36 PM
How Car Rentals Explain the 2021 Economy
Prices have fallen recently but not to previous levels. The industry reflects the American economy’s long, strange trip.
10/13/2021 11:57 AM
Lucid Motors Beats Tesla in Range, Going 520 Miles on a Charge, EPA Says
Tesla, which makes about two-thirds of electric vehicles sold in the United States, has long produced the cars with the best range.
09/17/2021 11:59 PM
Ford’s Truck of the Future Looks Pretty Familiar
A compelling commercial to sell electric trucks leaves out planetary responsibility. Is this really good news?