05/24/2019 12:15 AM
Motorcycles With One Foot in the Future and One in the Past
The Halcyons from Janus Motorcycles, assembled in an old dry cleaner’s shop in Goshen, Ind., look like machines built back in the town’s heyday.
05/17/2019 10:06 PM
Trump Lifts Metal Tariffs and Delays Auto Levies, Limiting Global Trade Fight
President Trump said he would remove metal tariffs on Canada and Mexico and delay auto tariffs, stepping back from opening another front in a global trade war.
05/16/2019 06:00 AM
New Parts for Old Cars May Keep Them Running, but Sink Their Value
While technology like 3-D printing makes car collecting less expensive and more accessible, it has also made it harder to determine the actual value of a car.
05/20/2019 09:08 PM
Job Cuts at Ford Motor to Total 7,000 by August
The company, which has struggled with slowing sales globally, said it was cutting salaried workers to speed up decision making and increase profits.
05/21/2019 05:00 AM
6 Simple Tips to Get Into R.V. Travel
Recreational vehicles offer travelers the thrill of the open road and the comforts of home. Here’s how to get started.
05/02/2019 11:38 PM
Distracted by Tech While Driving? The Answer May Be More Tech
The most effective safety features may be the systems that are laying the foundation for the autonomous cars of the future.
05/08/2019 07:34 PM
‘We Have a Lot of Questions’: Doubts Loom Over G.M. Plan for Lordstown Plant
President Trump said he was helping to save jobs at the Ohio factory after General Motors ceased production there. But such promises have not always panned out.
05/10/2019 12:21 AM
Crash Scene Investigations, With Automakers on the Case
Special teams dispatched by a number of manufacturers glean valuable information on what happens to vehicles and their occupants after a crash.
05/02/2019 04:37 PM
Tesla Seeks to Raise $2 Billion in Sale of Stock and Debt
The plan, disclosed in a regulatory filing, comes after the carmaker announced a surprisingly sharp quarterly loss.
04/26/2019 07:13 PM
Elon Musk and S.E.C. Reach New Accord, Lifting Cloud Over Tesla
Securities regulators and the chief executive of Tesla came up with a new agreement about when Mr. Musk’s social media posts must be reviewed by a lawyer.
04/28/2019 05:03 PM
Souvenirs From Europe You Can’t Sneak Through Customs
French cheese or Spanish ham? Maybe. That sweet Citroën or Peugeot? Even if you can get it on a ship, it probably won’t be allowed into the U.S.
04/25/2019 03:00 AM
Lose the Chalk, Officer: Court Finds Marking Tires of Parked Cars Unconstitutional
The police in four states will have to drop an age-old method of telling whether a car has been parked too long: an appeals court says it violates the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches.
04/24/2019 09:13 PM
Tesla Posts Big Quarterly Loss as Its Electric-Car Sales Lag
The $702 million loss exceeded expectations, but the company reaffirmed its guidance on the year’s deliveries. It said it was open to raising capital.
04/24/2019 05:44 PM
Ford to Invest $500 Million in Rivian, a Tesla Rival
Rivian is developing a pickup and an S.U.V. on a chassis that Ford plans to use for models of its own. Two months ago, Amazon led a $700 million investment.
04/24/2019 11:29 PM
Confused About Congestion Pricing? Here’s What We Know
Drivers will have to pay to enter the heart of Manhattan starting in 2021, but the specifics have yet to be decided.
04/22/2019 10:38 PM
Tesla to Investigate Car That Appeared to Burst Into Flames in Shanghai
The fire, involving a Tesla sedan in a parking garage, left no one injured, the fire department said. The automaker said it had dispatched a team “at once.”
04/17/2019 07:15 PM
Before New York Auto Show, Cars Take Their Own Star Turns
To stand out in this crowd, automakers have created satellite events before the official reveals for the press at the Javits Convention Center.
04/16/2019 02:08 PM
Nissan and Renault Are Rid of Carlos Ghosn. Now, Can They Save Their Partnership?
With their former leader in jail, the automakers must figure out how to overcome a fierce corporate pride and work together.
04/16/2019 03:00 AM
High-Tech Collision Warnings, No Matter How Smart Your Car Is
“This can be a great way to get the safety benefit of crash-avoidance technology at a reduced cost compared to a new car,” said the author of a safety study.
04/16/2019 04:31 AM
Former VW C.E.O. Martin Winterkorn Is Charged by Germany in Diesel Scheme
Prosecutors in Germany connected the charges against Martin Winterkorn and four other managers to events that ran from 2006, when the diesel scandal was first conceived, to 2015.
04/12/2019 12:04 PM
Putting Premium Gas in an Engine That Requires Regular? Stop It Now
Only 18 percent of new cars require premium. The owners of the other 82 percent waste about $2 billion a year using a gas that provides no benefit.
04/15/2019 12:39 AM
Volkswagen Accused of Illegally Selling Prototypes Not Fit for the Road
The automaker, which is trying to regain the trust of car buyers after an emissions scandal in 2015, has acknowledged improperly selling preproduction cars.
04/12/2019 10:37 PM
Tesla Ends Online Sales of $35,000 Model 3, Creating New Hurdle for Buyers
The automaker said its lowest-priced offering would be available only in stores or by phone, just weeks after emphasizing a shift to online sales.
04/11/2019 06:18 PM
Gentlemen, Start Your Algorithms
A racetrack veteran compares the Self Racing Cars contest in California to hot-rod modders of old: “This event, with its hackers, tinkerers and engineers, is just like that.”
04/10/2019 12:32 AM
Carlos Ghosn Accuses Nissan Officials of Mismanagement
In a video recorded before his most recent arrest, the former auto chief said executives responsible for the company’s slide had plotted against him.
04/04/2019 06:42 PM
Tesla Got an Early Lead, but Luxury Electric Rivals Are Racing to Catch Up
Several months ago, Jaguar introduced the I-Pace sport utility vehicle, and more rival electrics will soon be available from Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo.
04/04/2019 11:31 PM
The Streets Were Never Free. Congestion Pricing Finally Makes That Plain.
The policy could change not just traffic, but also how we think about the infrastructure cars require.
03/29/2019 12:20 PM
Inside the Tensions at Carlos Ghosn’s Nissan
Once seen as a model of global cooperation, the Nissan-Renault alliance seethed with fear and rivalries, raising questions about its future.
03/28/2019 06:00 AM
Eyes on the Road! (Your Car Is Watching)
As more technology creeps into the front seat to help drivers, so too will systems that eavesdrop on and monitor them.
03/21/2019 12:01 AM
A Deadly Blaze in the Alps Made a Biker a Hero and Tunnels Safer for All
Two decades ago, 39 people died inside the Mont Blanc Tunnel in a fire so horrific it changed safety standards forever. The truth eventually caught up to the legend of a man who rushed in.
03/18/2019 07:05 PM
Trump Rebukes General Motors and Union Over Idling of Lordstown Plant
In a Twitter barrage, the president called on G.M. and the United Auto Workers to start talks that would put an Ohio factory back to work.
03/22/2019 06:55 PM
Tesla Sales Slump as ’19 Starts Is Hinted At in State Data
A compilation of state data indicates a big decline for the electric-car maker after a federal tax credit was reduced.
03/15/2019 09:46 PM
Ex-VW Chief Knew of Diesel Scheme Years Earlier Than He Admitted, S.E.C. Says
The allegation, included in a lawsuit accusing the carmaker of defrauding investors, is likely to bolster claims by investors seeking billions of dollars in damages over an emissions-cheating scandal.
03/15/2019 03:00 AM
What’s Driving Automakers Out of Europe?
Blame has been cast on events like Brexit, but there are other changes that are reshaping the industry globally.
03/15/2019 04:11 PM
Tesla Model Y, a New S.U.V., Is Unveiled Amid Mounting Challenges
Elon Musk’s electric-car company is broadening its vehicle offerings as it looks to increase sales in difficult markets like China and Europe.
03/14/2019 06:00 AM
Custom Cars, Made to Order While You Wait (a Couple of Months)
“The company that makes their dream car a reality is the company that’s going to get their money,” an auto dealer executive said.