01/15/2018 12:27 PM
Detroit Auto Show May Be Celebrating an Era About to End
Three years of record sales mask signs that harder times lie ahead: bigger incentives, more fleet purchases and higher used-car values.
01/13/2018 11:09 AM
G.M. Says Its Driverless Car Could Be in Fleets by Next Year
Once federal and state agencies grant approval, the electric vehicle will be ready for production on a standard assembly line, the automaker said.
01/12/2018 06:55 PM
Chrysler Pacifica Minivans in Recall Over Engine Stalling
The action, affecting 154,000 vehicles from the 2017 model year, was announced after owners filed safety complaints or shared concerns through social media.
01/11/2018 04:45 PM
Wheels: How Car Companies Decide You’ll Ride a Mustang or Catch a Tiguan
Newly minted models include the Atlas, the Stinger, the Urus and the Velar. So how do car companies settle on a name? It’s an art mixed with science.
01/11/2018 04:12 PM
Common Sense: Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Survives, but G.M. and Tesla Aren’t Cheering
The manufacturers complain that they will soon be at a disadvantage — once they hit a sales mark that leaves their buyers without the benefit of a tax credit.
01/09/2018 05:33 PM
As Electric Cars’ Prospects Brighten, Japan Fears Being Left Behind
The country, which missed out on some earlier technological shifts, is now scrambling to catch up as the world warms up to battery-powered vehicles.
01/07/2018 04:56 PM
Tatsuro Toyoda, Who Led Toyota’s Global Expansion, Dies at 88
Mr. Toyoda led Toyota’s first factory in North America, bringing with him a Japanese approach to manufacturing and labor relations.
01/05/2018 12:02 PM
Competing With the Giants in Race to Build Self-Driving Cars
Aurora, a start-up founded by the former head of Google’s self-driving project, will feed its technology into car giants Volkswagen and Hyundai.
01/04/2018 12:14 PM
Tech Fix: The Big Tech Trends to Follow at CES 2018
The stars of next week’s giant electronics show won’t be flashy gadgets. Instead, the focus will be on artificial intelligence and its impact on homes, cities and cars.
01/05/2018 10:03 PM
New Jersey Is Last State to Insist at Gas Stations: Don’t Touch That Pump
As of Jan. 1, the only other holdout, Oregon, allows people in certain counties to fuel up their cars themselves.
01/04/2018 05:23 PM
In Norway, Electric and Hybrid Cars Outsell Conventional Models
The country offers generous benefits to buyers of vehicles that run on new types of fuel, making ownership more affordable.
01/03/2018 07:02 PM
Car Sales End a 7-Year Upswing, With More Challenges Ahead
The decline in the American market in 2017 is expected to continue, and may force carmakers to trim production and find new ways to entice customers.
01/03/2018 08:45 PM
Tesla Reports New Setback for Model 3, With Output Lagging
Production of the electric-car maker’s mass-market offering was far below forecasts in the fourth quarter. The report sent the company’s shares lower.
01/03/2018 12:41 AM
China, Moving to Cut Emissions, Halts Production of 500 Car Models
The suspensions pointed to Beijing’s growing willingness to test forceful antipollution measures and assume a leading role in the fight against climate change.
12/29/2017 06:48 PM
Kenichi Yamamoto, Father of Mazda’s Rotary Engine, Is Dead at 95
He led the engineering team that produced an innovative answer to the conventional piston automotive engine. He later led the company.
12/28/2017 05:27 PM
Wheels: Sotheby’s Tries Selling New York as a Car Auction Destination
After a racecar was sold as a work of contemporary art, a December auction put automotive crossover appeal on display.
12/27/2017 06:07 PM
Geely Buys Stake in Volvo Trucks, Despite China Restrictions
The government in Beijing has unveiled an array of new regulations to temper outbound investment. But Chinese companies are still going global.
12/22/2017 08:32 PM
Fiat Chrysler to Recall 1.8 Million Ram Trucks Over Rollaways
The automaker said the vehicle could be shifted out of park without a driver’s foot on the brake. Seven injuries were linked to the defect.
12/21/2017 11:53 AM
Wheels: Carmakers Try to Keep Waste Out of the Ground as Well as the Air
Automakers have been trying for years to stop sending anything to landfills. Now they are using other would-be trash to make parts.
12/21/2017 08:33 PM
Ford Apologizes for Sexual Harassment at Chicago Factories
The company’s chief executive released an apology two days after a New York Times article detailed decades of misconduct.
12/14/2017 01:15 PM
Wheels: Lamborghini’s Urus Is the Luxury S.U.V. Party’s Most Flamboyant Guest
The Italian sports car company’s previous S.U.V. predated Porsche’s Cayenne. Its second follows in the Porsche’s footsteps as a beefed-up sports car.
12/07/2017 05:33 PM
Wheels: List of Safety Picks Dings Some Cars for a Failure to Illuminate
New crash and headlight requirements established by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety cut in half the number of vehicles to earn a coveted safety designation.
12/01/2017 12:23 AM
Wheels: The Technological Race to Find You a Place to Park
Car companies, app makers and navigation services are trying to fix one of the most persistent headaches for drivers: getting a parking spot.
12/12/2017 12:01 AM
Trying to Bypass Anxiety on the Road to Driverless Cars
Volvo is putting cameras in vehicles to see people interact with driver-assistance features and will use the data in designing fully autonomous cars.
12/14/2017 04:31 PM
Ford Chooses a Detroit Base to Take On Silicon Valley
The automaker, long absent from the city proper, will create a hub there for work on self-driving and electric cars.
12/19/2017 02:32 PM
Ford Will Build Electric Cars in Mexico, Shifting Its Plan
The move will take advantage of lower costs and clear the way for a new Michigan plant to make driverless vehicles instead, which Ford said would mean even more jobs.
12/08/2017 07:32 PM
Southeast Asia’s Ride-Hailing War Is Being Waged on Motorbikes
In Indonesia’s traffic-ridden capital, one start-up makes it easy to get around — or not to have to in the first place.
12/16/2017 01:09 PM
How to Avoid a White-Knuckle Drive on Black Ice
The slick roadway condition can be difficult to detect and develops unpredictably. Here’s what you can do to avoid this hazard.
12/03/2017 06:32 PM
China’s A.I. Advances Help Its Tech Industry, and State Security
Global car brands and Chinese authorities alike embrace iFlyTek’s voice recognition know-how, illustrating the dystopian possibilities behind the technology.
12/06/2017 04:42 PM
Life Lessons: Fabulous Life Lessons From Gianni Agnelli
In the new documentary “Agnelli,” the head of Fiat, who died in 2003, is revealed as that rare species of man: a fashionable playboy with gravitas.
11/29/2017 05:42 PM
SUVs Are Main Attraction at L.A. Auto Show
The floor at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show will look a lot like America's roads: full of SUVs.
11/21/2017 12:02 PM
Detroit: The Most Exciting City in America?
How a 21st-century Detroit navigates the dangers of regeneration is a particularly poignant question on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit race riots.
12/05/2017 10:22 AM
China Will Lead an Electric Car Future, Ford’s Chairman Says
Ford Motor said Tuesday that it planned to offer 15 new models in China by 2025 that run at least in part on batteries.
11/16/2017 02:33 PM
Wheels: The Near Future of Driving: Eyes Forward, but No Hands at 10 and 2
The Cadillac Super Cruise system is the latest in semiautonomous driving technology, allowing drivers to keep their hands off the wheel as long as they pay attention to the road.
11/20/2017 07:37 PM
Indian Automaker’s Plant Is Latest Sign of Detroit Comeback
Mahindra will open the area’s first new vehicle assembly factory in 25 years, building off-road vehicles. The move may signal larger ambitions in the American market.
12/01/2017 04:45 PM
November Mixed for U.S. Sales as Automakers Hike Discounts
Major automakers posted mixed U.S. November new vehicle sales on Friday and predicted a competitive December as they rush to sell vehicles and boost their 2017 numbers before the year comes to an end.
11/17/2017 03:20 PM
China to Export Trumpchi Cars to U.S., Maybe With a New Name
GAC Motor wants to lead an export push as China prepares the rest of its auto industry to go global and, in particular, target the American market.
11/20/2017 11:05 AM
Chrysler Pacifica Owners Say Minivans Suddenly Shut Off
No crashes or injuries have been linked to the issue, but more than 50 complaints have been filed. The automaker sees no sign of a consistent problem.
11/17/2017 06:15 PM
Tesla Unveils an Electric Rival to Semi Trucks
Aiming to remake a multibillion-dollar industry, the automaker said it would have a semi for sale in two years that would be nearly self-driving.
11/11/2017 12:53 PM
Where Self-Driving Cars Go to Learn
Arizona’s promise to keep the driverless car industry free of regulations has attracted dozens of companies, including Uber, Waymo and Lyft.
11/10/2017 10:32 AM
Wheels: Cars Lose the Spare Tire for a Leaner Ride, but It Could Cost You
Full-size spares gave way to space-saving “doughnuts,” but now carmakers may provide only the tools for a quick, do-it-yourself fix.
11/10/2017 11:29 AM
Vocations: When Designing Luxury Cars Is Like Making Jewelry. And Friends.
Earl Lucas, Lincoln Motor Company’s exterior design chief, was inspired by his mother’s aesthetic sense and his early training designing jewelry.
11/13/2017 12:01 AM
Self-Driving Trucks May Be Closer Than They Appear
With fewer cultural hurdles and more financial incentives than car owners, big-rig operators are charting the route to an autonomous future.
11/07/2017 07:04 PM
Waymo’s Autonomous Cars Cut Out Human Drivers in Road Tests
The Alphabet unit says it expects to allow passengers to ride in truly driverless cars in its tests within the next few months.
11/01/2017 08:21 PM
Tesla’s Elon Musk Reassures Investors Over Model 3 Delays
The electric-car maker cited record output of its existing models, and its chief said bottlenecks on its first mass-market offering were being resolved.
11/04/2017 04:49 PM
BMW Recalls Roughly a Million Vehicles at Risk of Catching Fire
The recalls include several 3 Series models and various BMWs with six-cylinder engines.