09/16/2021 10:23 AM
Lucid Motors Beats Tesla in Range, Going 520 Miles on a Charge, EPA Says
Tesla, which makes about two-thirds of electric vehicles sold in the United States, has long produced the cars with the best range.
09/17/2021 11:59 PM
Ford’s Truck of the Future Looks Pretty Familiar
A compelling commercial to sell electric trucks leaves out planetary responsibility. Is this really good news?
09/13/2021 09:38 AM
Can a Green-Economy Boom Town Be Built to Last?
The race to make electric vehicles is turning some places into winners. Normal, Ill., is one of them. But it has seen good times go sour in the past.
09/10/2021 05:00 AM
The IAA Mobility Show Tries to Reimagine the Auto Show
Europe’s first big auto industry event in two years is an attempt to reverse declines in attendance and adapt to new technology.
09/14/2021 08:13 PM
Building a More Sustainable Car, From Headlamp to Tailpipe
Vehicle makers shy away from traditional materials that are hard to recycle, like leather and plastics, and look to repurpose alternatives that still convey quality.
09/08/2021 12:53 PM
The Mighty Pickup Slims Down
Small trucks from Ford and Hyundai are joining a growing field of electric models as America’s go-to vehicle adapts to an evolving market.
09/10/2021 05:02 AM
Learning to Play Nice? Not Red Bull and Mercedes.
Two crashes involving Mercedes knocked Red Bull drivers from races. The verbal battle has not been polite.
09/06/2021 03:00 AM
Selling Hot New Cars at Pebble Beach, the Land of Classics
There’s money in the air at Monterey Car Week, so where better to sell a rare new Bugatti or Ferrari?
09/10/2021 05:00 AM
Lawrence Stroll Is Making No Little Plans
He is pouring resources into the Aston Martin team and even took a stake in the automaker.
09/09/2021 12:31 PM
Ford Will Stop Making Cars in India
American automakers have long struggled to gain a foothold in India, where people tend to buy smaller vehicles.
09/07/2021 05:12 PM
Ford Hires Doug Field for Electric Vehicle Effort

05/06/2021 07:09 PM
Lithium Mining Projects May Not Be Green Friendly
A race is on to produce lithium in the United States, but competing projects are taking very different approaches to extracting the vital raw material. Some might not be very green.
09/07/2021 09:18 PM
Coast to Coast in a Classic Car
Bugeye Sprites and other small roadsters might not seem up to the task, but collectors with some time on their hands have eagerly made the trek.
08/26/2021 03:02 PM
How G.M.’s First Turbo Engines Crashed and Burned
Oldsmobile and Chevrolet pioneered the technology for mass-market cars, but the turbos flopped — and took decades to gain acceptance.
09/13/2021 06:55 PM
Rivian, an Electric Truck Maker, Files for an I.P.O.
Auto analysts consider Rivian one of the most viable electric vehicle start-ups in what is expected to be a very competitive market.
08/20/2021 06:58 PM
G.M. Is Expanding the Chevrolet Bolt Recall
The recall now covers the car’s entire output, beginning with the 2017 version. The latest move, to add three model years, raises costs by $1 billion.
08/19/2021 05:02 AM
Two Disabled Drivers Team Up at Le Mans
Nigel Bailly of Belgium and Takuma Aoki of Japan, both paralyzed from the waist down, will share a car at the race.
08/19/2021 05:00 AM
At Le Mans, the Magnussens (Father and Son) Team Up
Kevin Magnussen and his father, Jan, are both longtime racecar drivers, but this is their first time competing together.
08/19/2021 05:00 AM
The Fans, and Their Noise, Return to Le Mans
They were excluded last year because of the pandemic, with drivers saying the empty stands were eerie. Spectators will now return in limited numbers.
09/01/2021 02:47 PM
Inside a Fatal Tesla Autopilot Accident: ‘It Happened So Fast’
A 2019 crash in Florida highlights how gaps in Tesla’s driver-assistance system and distractions can have tragic consequences.