03/30/2020 07:49 PM
U.S. to Announce Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules, a Key Effort to Fight Climate Change
The Trump administration has finalized new fuel efficiency standards, lowering expectations from 54 miles per gallon by 2025 to 40 miles a gallon by 2030.
03/30/2020 05:59 PM
Inside G.M.’s Race to Build Ventilators, Before Trump’s Attack
The automaker and its partner, Ventec, had spent more than a week figuring out how to make thousands of the lifesaving devices when the White House said G.M. was “wasting time.”
03/29/2020 02:47 PM
A Family Heirloom, Restored From Hood to Taillights
A Ford Model A that has been part of one family’s lives across five generations got a 30-year restoration.
03/19/2020 07:00 AM
Big Rigs Begin to Trade Diesel for Electric Motors
Tractor-trailer fleets will take time to electrify, and start-ups and established truck makers are racing to get their models on the road.
03/18/2020 09:54 PM
Automakers to Close Factories in North America
G.M., Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler were under pressure from the autoworkers union to shut down plants in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
03/19/2020 07:43 PM
After Mounting Criticism, Tesla Will Shut Down California Factory
The electric carmaker had continued making cars in recent days in apparent defiance of a local county order limiting operations of nonessential businesses.
03/13/2020 11:47 AM
Formula One Opener Canceled as Coronavirus Casts Shadow Over Season
The Australian Grand Prix was shut down after a McLaren worker tested positive. The next three races have been postponed.
03/12/2020 05:18 PM
Cadillac Puts Its Engines Through the Paces on the Racetrack
It doesn’t sell a sports car, but its technology is finding success where luxury brands like Benz and BMW have thrived.
03/06/2020 01:00 AM
A Chatty Auction Site Is Taking the Classic Car World by Storm
Bring a Trailer has 100,000 registered bidders and listed 11,000 cars in a banner 2019, while the traditional auction market shows signs of cooling.
03/10/2020 02:28 PM
European Carmakers Worry Coronavirus Outbreak May Hurt Sales
Vehicle manufacturers say they haven’t yet had to close factories in Europe. But a decline in global sales is likely to be worse than expected.
03/04/2020 05:00 AM
Tesla’s Success in Europe Catches Industry Off Guard
The Model 3 outsold some of the most popular luxury models in recent months. BMW, Mercedes and Audi risk missing the transition to electric cars.
02/27/2020 04:30 PM
How to Set Up Your New Car
It’s full of electronics, so think of it as another device that you can make to be more you.
03/04/2020 05:00 AM
Tesla Isn’t the Only Start-Up Disrupting the Car Business
The shift to battery power has inspired a wave of new companies to challenge the automotive dinosaurs.
03/04/2020 04:33 PM
Europe and the U.S. Share a Lot, Except When It Comes to Cars
Why you will not see the new Seat Leon or the Skoda Octavia in Kansas driveways, nor many big S.U.V.s in French ones.
03/04/2020 07:32 PM
G.M. Lays Out Ambitions for Electric-Vehicle Lineup to Rival Tesla
General Motors says it is aiming to sell a million electric cars and trucks annually by 2025 in the United States and China.
03/30/2020 09:04 PM
New York Attorney General Looks Into Zoom’s Privacy Practices
As the videoconferencing platform’s popularity has surged, Zoom has scrambled to address a series of data privacy and security problems.
03/30/2020 03:38 AM
How Coronavirus Has Transformed Elections Across the U.S.
Party conventions are in jeopardy, campaigning is on hold and local candidates are playing the role of good Samaritan instead of traditional politician.
03/25/2020 04:00 PM
Birth, in Two Words
Titanic contractions. Rocket ship. Vomiting chaos. We asked for your birth stories, and you delivered.
03/25/2020 12:45 PM
How Becoming Guardian to an Adult Prepared Me for Motherhood
Our relationship didn’t fit into the usual mother-son framework, but it gave me a crash course in parental responsibility.
03/25/2020 05:10 AM
Op-Art: Finding Connection When Home Alone
A report from an artist hunkering down at home in Lisbon.