06/14/2018 11:30 PM
Wheels: When Cars Do the Driving, Who Will Feel the Joy?
As cars gain autonomy, drivers will do less driving. But what about the other ways people connect with their automobiles?
06/14/2018 02:21 PM
Safety Move by Didi, Chinese Ride-Hailing App, May Strand Women at Night
A company considered the Uber of China resumes late-hour car-pooling but says that men can’t pick up female passengers, a problem in a place where drivers are mostly male.
06/12/2018 07:15 PM
Elon Musk, in Search of Profit, Cuts Tesla’s Work Force
The automaker said the 9 percent reduction, mostly limited to salaried employees, was part of a broad reorganization and would not affect production.
06/08/2018 09:03 PM
Your Money Adviser: Advice Has Changed on What Car to Buy for a Young Driver
In the past, families looked for cars that were “big, slow and ugly.” Now, experts recommend newer vehicles with advanced safety features.
06/12/2018 02:32 AM
Diesel Scandal Deepens as German Authorities Target Audi Chief and Daimler
Officials ordered Daimler to recall more than 700,000 diesel vehicles, and said a member of VW’s management board was under scrutiny in an inquiry into emissions-cheating.
05/31/2018 02:02 PM
Waymo to Buy Up to 62,000 Chrysler Minivans for Ride-Hailing Service
The agreement signals that the Google driverless-technology spinoff plans a rapid start for a business set to get underway later this year.
06/06/2018 03:01 AM
Wheels: Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Review: ‘Silence Is the New Power’
Even leashed by software nannies, the electric vehicle concept offers an enticing preview of how Porsche will challenge Tesla.
06/05/2018 10:16 PM
Tesla Turns Back Rare Challenge From Shareholders
Dissidents wanted to oust directors and split the jobs of chairman and chief executive. The chief, Elon Musk, reported progress on Model 3 production.
05/31/2018 02:09 PM
Wheels: For Electric Cars Without a Plug, Thank Tesla (the Scientist)
Carmakers are pushing forward with wireless charging systems meant to simplify the process of powering up electric or hybrid vehicles.
05/31/2018 08:25 PM
SoftBank Fund Puts $2.25 Billion in G.M.’s Driverless Unit
The magnitude of the deal reflects the growing confidence that commercial use of autonomous cars is in sight, despite recent setbacks.
05/31/2018 02:50 PM
The Rich History of the Rallye des Princesses
The motorsport event for women in France and Spain is meant to combine the elegance, conviviality and competition of female drivers of the past.
06/01/2018 12:59 PM
U.S. May Auto Sales Rise Slightly Despite Higher Fuel Prices
May sales of new vehicles in the United States rose an estimated 2 percent as low unemployment and strong consumer confidence helped mitigate the impact of rising interest rates and fuel prices, Ford Motor Co executives said on Friday.
05/31/2018 06:31 PM
E.P.A. Takes a Major Step to Roll Back Clean Car Rules
The Trump administration formally submitted its plan to permit more tailpipe emissions, moving closer to a legal clash that could split the nation’s auto market.
05/30/2018 07:17 PM
Tesla Fixes Model 3 Flaw, Getting Consumer Reports to Change Review
After Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the car, a software fix addressed a braking issue, and the magazine reversed its judgment.
05/31/2018 10:44 AM
In a First for Germany, Hamburg Bans Diesel Engines. On 2 Roads.
The move highlights growing opposition to diesel, as concerns have mounted over its health and environmental effects.
05/22/2018 09:25 AM
China Cuts Car Tariffs, in a Small Offering to the U.S. on Trade
The moves are likely to change little for the auto industry, though Chinese factories and German firms could benefit from slashing tariffs on parts.
05/24/2018 05:04 PM
Apple, Spurned by Others, Signs Deal With Volkswagen for Driverless Cars
BMW and Mercedes-Benz rebuffed Apple’s overtures for a self-driving car partnership, according to people familiar with the talks.
05/20/2018 04:26 PM
Advertising: Hot Wheels Hits the Road to Reach Its Fans
As part of an effort to stay connected with people in the digital age, Mattel is sponsoring a nationwide search for a custom vehicle that can be a model for a 50th anniversary Hot Wheels car.
06/17/2018 12:01 AM
Ford Aims to Revive a Detroit Train Station, and Itself
By renovating a symbol of the city’s decline, the company hopes to create a magnet for the talent needed to prevail in the next automotive era.
06/15/2018 05:30 PM
Open Thread: Let’s Talk About the World Cup
Also, Dries Van Noten giving up his independence, Bottega Veneta’s designer churn, and what to wear when an injury means you are stuck in sneakers all the time.