07/25/2021 09:35 PM
Toyota Led on Clean Cars. Now Critics Say It Works to Delay Them.
The auto giant bet on hydrogen power, but as the world moves toward electric the company is fighting climate regulations in an apparent effort to buy time.
07/23/2021 03:42 PM
General Motors Recalls Chevrolet Bolts Over Battery Fire Hazard
The automaker has told owners of the 51,000 vehicles, from the 2017 to 2019 model years, to take precautions until defects are remedied.
07/22/2021 06:05 PM
G.M. will slow its truck production as a shortage of chips persists.
The automaker will halt or reduce work at three North American plants that make some of its most profitable vehicles.
07/15/2021 04:29 PM
The Car Market 'Is Insane': Dealers Can't Keep Up With Demand
A shortage of computer chips is keeping automakers from producing enough cars to meet rising demand. Used cars are scarce, too.
07/21/2021 03:14 PM
Lyft will team up with Ford and a self-driving car start-up to offer rides in Miami.
The companies plan to begin offering the service this year, expanding later to Austin, Texas. A human will still be behind the wheel.
07/15/2021 06:00 AM
It’s a Jeep Thing, but by Now, You Probably Understand
After 80 years, the King of the Off-Road is vying to maintain its cult following while it charts its electric future.
07/16/2021 11:03 AM
‘Drive to Survive’ on Netflix Has Ignited Formula 1
The streaming series is filming its fourth season and is bringing new fans to the sport.
07/10/2021 03:00 AM
Road Rage, ‘Zipper Merging’ and a Stress-Free Path Through Traffic
Experts love the zipper merge, but drivers are just as likely to see it as others rudely cutting their turn in line.
07/08/2021 02:15 PM
Tesla Says Autopilot Makes Its Cars Safer. Crash Victims Say It Kills.
A California family that lost a 15-year-old boy when a Tesla hit its pickup truck is suing the company, claiming its Autopilot system was partly responsible.
07/05/2021 06:24 PM
Volkswagen Sheds Bugatti, Maker of Over-the-Top Sports Cars
Despite sticker prices in the millions, the storied brand chronically lost money. The Croatian firm Rimac will take a controlling interest.
07/02/2021 02:27 PM
Here’s How Biden Aims to Increase Electric Car Sales
The president wants to use pollution rules to rapidly lift sales, but there are hurdles ahead.
06/29/2021 03:55 PM
Crashes involving Tesla Autopilot and other driver-assistance systems get new scrutiny.
Federal safety regulators told automakers to provide more information about accidents involving cars and trucks with automation technology.
07/15/2021 02:57 PM
Millennial Car Buyers Storm the Market, Happy to Shun Showrooms
Younger buyers are helping feed a growing field of app- and web-based services. Last year, millennials topped baby boomers for the first time as new-car buyers.
06/24/2021 06:00 AM
Extended Warranties for Cars Are ‘Fraught With Peril for Consumers’
While reputable options exist, the robocalls are almost certainly scams, an industry group warns. And for consumers who feel they have been ripped off, there is no guarantee anyone will help.
07/16/2021 05:00 AM
A Lewis Hamilton McLaren Heads to Auction
Hamilton won three races in the car, which is to be sold during the British Grand Prix weekend.
07/16/2021 05:00 AM
F1 Adds a Sprint on Saturday at Silverstone
It’s called the sprint, and it will determine the starting positions for the British Grand Prix.
07/14/2021 09:00 AM
Why You Should Care About Your Right to Repair Gadgets
New legislation could simplify tech maintenance and make buying a new smartphone or computer the last resort.
07/26/2021 11:13 AM
Federal prosecutors are looking into Lordstown, the electric truck company.
It was not clear what issues the prosecutors, with the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, are looking into.
07/01/2021 05:00 AM
At Monterey Car Week, the Sheet Metal Shines
The elite California auctions are back, with millions of dollars’ worth of collectible cars, as an opener for the Pebble Beach concours.
07/02/2021 10:31 AM
Those Mundane Old Hondas and Toyotas Have Suddenly Become Collectible
They are the cars that seemed to be in everyone’s driveways a few decades ago. Now they are hard to find.