12/05/2019 07:00 AM
For Moving Mountains, or Climbing Them, Jeep’s Wrangler Goes Diesel
Gasoline engines generally have less “oomph” for grunt work. But diesel power has a drawback: emissions.
12/03/2019 01:46 PM
Volkswagen Headquarters Raided Again Over Diesel Scandal
Prosecutors were looking for documents as part of the latest investigation into the carmaker’s diesel emissions scandal.
11/27/2019 12:50 AM
Corruption Inquiry Spreads to U.A.W. Lakeside Resort
A dozen union officials have been charged or convicted in a sprawling federal investigation.
11/26/2019 05:00 AM
Station Wagons on Endangered List as S.U.V.s Crush All in Their Path
A key family hauler for much of the 20th century now accounts for a sliver of the American auto market.
11/22/2019 11:16 AM
The Comfort-Loving Cult of the Lincoln Town Car
Even with the advent of Uber, Lyft and Priuses, a model discontinued in 2011 has its loyalists.
11/27/2019 04:06 PM
‘I Think This Guy Is, Like, Passed Out in His Tesla’
What should we make of videos that seem to show Tesla drivers napping while their cars zip along on Autopilot?
11/22/2019 06:19 PM
Tesla’s Electric ‘Cybertruck’ Is Unveiled. It’s Pointy.
Elon Musk’s car company presented its long-awaited pickup truck, but it didn’t quite go as planned. (Broken windows were involved.)
11/20/2019 05:28 PM
Tesla’s Winding Road to Berlin
Elon Musk’s announcement of a factory in Germany took the industry by surprise, but the deal had been in the works for months.
11/21/2019 05:00 AM
Where Cars Try to Hit Mach 1, the Salt of the Earth Is Crumbling
The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah have hosted speed chasers for decades, but the course is distressed. An advocacy group has a plan, but not the money.
11/20/2019 07:07 PM
G.M. Sues Rival Over Bribery Scheme as Union Scandal Expands
The suit claims Fiat Chrysler sought to undermine contract negotiations with the autoworkers union to hurt G.M.
11/18/2019 04:57 PM
‘Ford v Ferrari’ Review: It’s a Gas
Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in James Mangold’s look back at the golden age of auto racing.
11/19/2019 05:29 PM
Ford Wants to Sell You an Electric S.U.V. It’s Called a Mustang.
Automakers have made battery-powered cars largely to meet environmental rules. Now they’re putting more skin in the game.
11/14/2019 06:00 AM
Vintage Cars With Old Souls, and Touch Screens and A.C.
“When you drive your collector car you want it to be able to have reliable air conditioning.”
11/15/2019 08:34 PM
Ford Contract Ratified by U.A.W. Members
The terms of the four-year agreement are comparable to those the union reached with General Motors, but without a strike.
11/07/2019 09:05 AM
Teenager Wins $25,000 for Science Project That Solves Blind Spots in Cars
Alaina Gassler, 14, got the idea for her science project after noticing how her mother didn’t like driving the family’s S.U.V.
11/07/2019 07:01 PM
Buyer of G.M. Lordstown Plant Promises Union Work and Wages
The Ohio factory will be taken over by a venture that plans to hire 400 employees next year to make electric pickup trucks.
11/06/2019 06:29 AM
A Katy Perry Song Drops a Gift in Harley-Davidson’s Lap
“Harleys in Hawaii” has been streamed and viewed millions of times, by a demographic the motorcycle maker has had a hard time reaching.
10/30/2019 10:36 PM
Ford and U.A.W. in Tentative Contract Deal
‘It appears both parties took a sane approach and avoided a painful strike that would have benefited neither of them,’ an economist said.
10/29/2019 12:01 AM
Testing Cars That Help Drivers Steer Clear of Pedestrians
As pedestrian deaths climb, collision-avoidance systems could reduce that toll, but new tests show significant differences in how well they work.
10/29/2019 04:49 PM
Strike Will Cost G.M. Nearly $3 Billion in 2019 Earnings, Company Says
The bigger financial effect is expected to be reflected in the current quarter, as the walkout halted North American production for most of October.
10/24/2019 06:00 AM
Why Quiet Cars Are Getting Louder
All electric vehicles in the U.S. will soon be required to make warning sounds so pedestrians can hear them coming.
10/25/2019 08:27 PM
G.M. Workers Approve Contract and End U.A.W. Strike
After the voting by 49,000 members of the United Auto Workers, operations could start to resume Saturday.
10/24/2019 02:21 PM
Carlos Ghosn Wants to See Prosecutors’ Files. Nissan Says No.
Defense attorneys say prosecutors won’t share records that might help their client, citing the automaker’s fears that company secrets could be revealed.
11/13/2019 05:31 AM
Tesla Reports Profit for Quarter, Sending Shares Soaring
The electric-car maker’s revenue declined, but it said it had removed “substantial cost” from its operations.
10/22/2019 04:14 AM
Dash Cams That Can Back You Up in an Accident
After a car accident, a dash cam can be your most reliable — and, often, only — eyewitness to prove it wasn’t your fault. Here are the models we recommend.
10/20/2019 07:01 PM
G.M. Contract Terms May Be a Tougher Fit for Its Rivals
General Motors made cost concessions to get the union to accept the shutdown of three plants — a priority that Ford and Fiat Chrysler don’t have.
10/17/2019 11:28 PM
When a Ferrari’s in a Fender-Bender
Cars that were handcrafted nearly a century ago require a hard-to-find mix of skills to restore them to their former glory.
10/17/2019 09:43 PM
Union Says G.M. Strike Won’t End Until Workers Vote on Deal
The United Automobile Workers said the tentative contract agreement would provide wage increases and improve the prospects of temporary employees.
10/16/2019 07:47 PM
G.M. and U.A.W. Reach Deal That Could End Strike
The accord reportedly includes wage increases and lump-sum payments, along with a formula for temporary workers to become full-time employees.
10/14/2019 08:23 AM
47 Arrested in Drag Races That Can Reach 100 M.P.H.
Officers in New Haven staged a sting operation at a McDonald’s parking lot known for its raucous drag-racing gatherings.
11/29/2019 10:27 AM
Renault Fires Its C.E.O., as the Post-Ghosn Shake-Up Continues
Thierry Bolloré was dismissed after Nissan named a new chief. The automakers are part of an alliance once led by the ousted Carlos Ghosn.
10/10/2019 03:18 PM
When the Drive Matters More Than the Destination
The open road, heavy with symbolism and full of promise, has long coursed through popular culture.
10/08/2019 03:48 PM
G.M. Strike’s Economic Toll Is Showing: ‘I Might Lose the Business’
Much of the pain from the strike, now in its fourth week, is concentrated in the northern Midwest, which was already contending with a manufacturing slowdown.
10/02/2019 05:59 PM
Regular vs. Premium Gas, Redux
Readers responded to Smarter Driving by scratching their heads over the fuel economy of premium gasoline, while others who admitted that they never used turn signals blamed the other guy.
11/12/2019 04:50 PM
Nissan’s Crisis Goes Much Deeper Than Carlos Ghosn
Two insiders who brought down Carlos Ghosn were involved with improper payments, an inquiry found. The company’s full board never heard about it.
10/04/2019 02:38 PM
Only the ‘Most Hard-Core Women’ Go Off-Road for Rebelle Rally
The 10-day, 1,600-mile race in the desert, starting next week, challenges body and mind and helps competitors find themselves.
11/13/2019 05:32 AM
Tesla’s Record Deliveries Aren’t Enough for Investors
The pace may allow the electric-car maker to fulfill its forecast for the year. But analysts are skeptical that sales are enough to yield a profit.
10/03/2019 12:00 PM
A Police Tesla Nearly Ran Out of Power During a Chase. It Wasn’t the Car’s Fault.
Gas or electric, all cars need to be refueled in some way, the police in Fremont, Calif., said.
10/01/2019 04:13 PM
Ford Will Put Most of India Operations Into Mahindra Venture
The move is the latest streamlining effort by the Detroit automaker, which has closed plants in Europe and is cutting its salaried ranks worldwide.
10/08/2019 10:17 AM
G.M. Restores Workers’ Health Coverage as Strike Continues
With the United Auto Workers walkout in its 11th day, the company reversed a decision to cut off employees’ medical insurance at the end of the month.
09/27/2019 11:28 AM
Occupy Detroit: A Look at 90 Years of Auto Strikes
Walkouts and sit-ins by the United Automobile Workers over the decades helped secure contracts that lifted members into the middle class.
09/25/2019 03:00 AM
Lordstown Plant Is Idle, but It Hovers Over G.M. Strike Talks
The automaker has reportedly offered to create a battery factory in the same Ohio area. But the work would pay far less than the shuttered plant.