09/18/2018 06:19 PM
Justice Department Is Examining Tesla After Musk Comment
The company said the department requested documents after its chief executive, Elon Musk, said he had “funding secured” to take its stock off public markets.
09/20/2018 02:58 PM
End of a Car-Selling Era as AutoNation’s Chief Steps Down
Mike Jackson’s formula for franchised dealerships created the industry’s biggest retailer and paved the way for investors to take car sales seriously.
09/17/2018 02:49 PM
Betting Against Tesla: Short-Sellers Make Their Case
Elon Musk says short-sellers are conspiring to bring his company down. Some seasoned investors say it’s just a matter of fundamentals.
09/14/2018 11:27 PM
Volkswagen Beetle, Symbol of ’60s Counterculture, Will Be Discontinued Again
The German carmaker’s United States unit, the only division still turning out the curvy car originally developed at Hitler’s direction, will end production of the vehicle in July.
09/13/2018 10:49 PM
Wheels: Motorcycle Makers Try Minting New Riders With Youth Programs
With sales well down from their prerecession levels, the industry is trying to engage with a new generation of riders — and customers.
09/09/2018 07:37 PM
Trump Says Tariffs Mean Ford Can Make New Model at Home. Ford Says It Won’t.
Ford, which has said it won’t sell a new Chinese-built model in the United States because of threatened tariffs, refuted the president’s suggestion the car could be built domestically.
09/09/2018 05:04 PM
Volkswagen Trial Offers Hedge Funds a Chance to Settle Old Scores
Paul Singer’s Elliott Management is funding lawsuits by shareholders who want the automaker to reimburse them for losses caused by the diesel scandal.
09/07/2018 09:08 PM
Tesla Shaken by a Departure and What Elon Musk Was Smoking
The head of accounting departed weeks after he arrived, and the company’s chief held forth in a webcast punctuated by his apparent puffs on a joint.
09/06/2018 04:09 PM
Wheels: Jaguar’s Electric E-Type Marries ’60s Sex Appeal and Tomorrow’s Tech
Not content to merely revive E-Types to their former glory, Jaguar will retrofit them as fully electric machines, but it will be costly: $375,000 or more if you don’t supply the car.
08/29/2018 08:26 AM
In Elon Musk’s World, Brakes Are for Cars, Not C.E.O.s
From his management style to his personal life, the Tesla chief seems comfortable with chaos, often of his own creation. Is that best for his company?
09/04/2018 01:25 PM
U.S. SUV Sales Jump Again in August
Top automakers pointed to a small increase in U.S. auto sales in August including another sharp rise in SUV sales, as low unemployment and strong consumer confidence helped mitigate the impact of rising interest rates and fuel prices.
08/30/2018 02:07 PM
Wheels: You Don’t Drive a Minivan? You Should. Here’s Why.
Ready for a satisfying relationship with your car? Skip high-maintenance coupes and sport utility vehicles that demand you open your wallet all the time.
08/31/2018 04:52 PM
Trump Approach on Nafta Relieves Automakers’ Worst Fears
Car and parts makers should be able to adapt to changes negotiated with Mexico without undue expense or disruption, analysts say.
08/31/2018 06:18 AM
In Classic Car Market, Exceptional Is the Rule
Automobiles have long been the poster child of “passion investments.” But most buyers these days are specialists, not speculators.
08/29/2018 11:45 PM
Aston Martin, James Bond’s Carmaker of Choice, Files for an I.P.O.
The luxury manufacturer said it hoped to capitalize on growing numbers of wealthy people worldwide, particularly in Asia.
08/27/2018 07:46 PM
Elon Musk and Tesla Resolved One Issue. Now for the Rest.
After deciding not to try to remove its shares from the market, the electric carmaker must focus on some stubborn challenges while facing new ones.
08/28/2018 09:15 PM
In a Shift in Driverless Strategy, Uber Deepens Its Partnership With Toyota
Toyota is investing $500 million in Uber and the ride-hailing company plans to provide its autonomous technology to the Japanese carmaker, a person briefed on the matter said.
08/28/2018 08:52 AM
Trump Reaches Revised Trade Deal With Mexico, Threatening to Leave Out Canada
The preliminary agreement is a major step for President Trump, who has threatened to scrap Nafta. But Canada’s role is just one of many issues that remain unresolved.
08/27/2018 05:24 PM
Volkswagen’s Effort to Stop Scandals Needs More Work, Report Says
The automaker, which was humbled after falsifying emissions data, still has work to do to protect potential whistle-blowers, according to its U.S. monitor.
08/26/2018 11:24 AM
Why Elon Musk Reversed Course on Taking Tesla Private
The chief executive decided that rather than being a prayer answered, funding for a buyout would present a host of new troubles, people close to the events say.
08/24/2018 12:48 AM
Wheels: The Passion, and Sometimes Profit, of Vintage Racing
Amateur racers get the joy of rounding a track in a car built for speed, and can still end up with a prize investment.
09/19/2018 06:00 AM
Wordplay: The Crossword Garage: 8 Car Makes and Models You Should Know
Cruise through this list of The New York Times Crossword’s favorite automobiles.
09/18/2018 07:54 PM
Will Donald Trump Stand Up to China?
He’s cracking down over trade, but it’s urgent that he protest Beijing’s human rights abuses as well.
09/18/2018 06:52 PM
Consumers Will Increasingly Feel Pain From Trump’s Trade War. Here’s Why.
The administration has tried to shield popular products from tariffs. That gets harder with each new round.
09/18/2018 06:01 AM
What I Saw When I Rode Out Florence
A storm’s violence, and its aftermath.