01/11/2019 03:00 AM
Britain Dispatch: This Quirky Car Is Japanese. But There’s ‘Something Very British’ About It.
The tiny Nissan Figaro, which can be spotted in Britain in the thousands, is an oddball little convertible with an ardent following and a back story that is even odder.
01/11/2019 12:41 AM
Wheels: Vintage Cars With Electric-Heart Transplants
Aston Martin and Jaguar are retrofitting classic vehicles. “We’d hate for them all to just wind up gathering dust in museums,” an Aston executive said.
01/10/2019 09:00 AM
Everything You Thought You Knew About Driving on Snow Was Wrong
The biggest problem is speed, and not knowing it will take much longer to stop, experts say.
01/11/2019 11:24 AM
Fiat Chrysler’s Diesel Effort Produces a Costly Settlement
The accord reached in lawsuits over false emissions readings could cost nearly $800 million, including penalties, fixes, warranties and compensation.
01/08/2019 05:37 AM
Carlos Ghosn Emerges to Say He Was ‘Wrongly Accused and Unfairly Detained’
Mr. Ghosn, the ousted Nissan chief, made his first public appearance since his November arrest to defend himself in a Tokyo court against charges of financial wrongdoing.
01/10/2019 02:58 PM
Ford Plans to Cut Thousands of Jobs Across Europe
The automaker, which has 68,000 employees in the region, including through joint ventures, is also reviewing its factory operations there.
01/04/2019 02:25 PM
Wheels: Car Tuneups That Require Audio Engineers
While carmakers and audio teams must battle over environment, budget, weight and space, owners simply want their vehicle to sound as if Ariana Grande were riding shotgun.
01/03/2019 08:25 PM
U.S. Auto Sales Put Up a Big Number, but Show Signs of Strain
The industry sold more than 17 million vehicles for the fourth straight year. But it is relying more on fleet sales, and economic winds are not favorable.
12/31/2018 06:54 PM
Wielding Rocks and Knives, Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars
Some residents have responded to Waymo’s autonomous vehicle project by slashing tires, pelting vans with rocks and even drawing a gun on a vehicle.
01/02/2019 07:17 PM
Tesla Reports Record Output, but Cuts Prices, and Its Shares Plunge
The automaker said sales of the Model 3 sedan increased 13 percent over the previous quarter, but the price cut could signal softening demand.
12/27/2018 10:00 AM
Wheels: A 72-Year-Old Italian Star Barely Showing Its Age
With the exception of collectible vehicles, Vespa scooters hold their value better than anything else on the road.
12/30/2018 11:30 PM
The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn
Mr. Ghosn, the ousted Nissan executive, wasn’t supposed to succeed in Japan, but he never expected to fail like this. He faces charges of financial wrongdoing at the company he helped save.
12/30/2018 01:14 PM
Carlos Ghosn’s Daughters See a Nissan Revolt Behind His Arrest
Breaking a silence, Caroline and Maya Ghosn said they suspected that talk of “reimagining the alliance” with Renault had played a role in their father’s ouster on allegations of financial misconduct.
12/28/2018 04:26 PM
Tesla Names Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson-Thompson to Its Board
The appointment of two independent directors was required by a settlement the company reached with the Securities and Exchange Commission in September.
12/25/2018 10:21 PM
American Held in Nissan Investigation Released From Jail in Japan
Greg Kelly, a Nissan board member who was arrested along with its chairman, Carlos Ghosn, was granted bail on Tuesday and prosecutors lost an appeal of the decision.
12/23/2018 10:57 PM
Wheels: When Santa Brings a Car, They’ll Need a Bigger Tree
So many people give expensive cars as presents that gift sales can make up 10 percent or more of December sales for luxury auto dealers.
12/18/2018 01:00 AM
A Toaster on Wheels to Deliver Groceries? Self-Driving Tech Tests Practical Uses
With driverless passenger services slow to become realities, the autonomous industry is casting about for ways to profitably use its technology.
12/17/2018 06:22 PM
Renault and Nissan at Odds as Carlos Ghosn Remains in Jail
Nissan’s board appointed a special committee to review its corporate governance but declined to set a timetable for picking a new chairman.
12/13/2018 10:21 AM
Wheels: As More Cars Plug In, Utilities and Makers Juggle Ways to Power Them
With more and more electric cars on the road, the utilities that feed vast amounts of electricity for building cars are tasked with fueling them, too.
12/13/2018 11:01 AM
The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules
Energy giants and conservative groups have been aggressively pushing Trump’s rollback of fuel efficiency rules for automobiles, a Times investigation found.
12/14/2018 06:02 AM
Nissan and Renault Face Leadership Crisis After C.E.O. Is Jailed
Carlos Ghosn’s arrest leaves the Franco-Japanese car alliance that revolved around him in limbo. There is no clear plan to fill the power vacuum.
12/07/2018 12:56 PM
Fiat Chrysler Plans to Make New Jeep in Detroit, Adding Jobs
The automaker’s move reflects the continuing American taste for big vehicles in a period of low gasoline prices.
11/29/2018 07:59 PM
G.M.’s President Will Take Over Its Self-Driving Effort
The executive, Dan Ammann, is becoming chief executive of Cruise, which General Motors bought in 2016 to develop and commercialize autonomous cars.
12/03/2018 02:36 PM
China Will Slash Car Tariffs, Trump Says in a (Vague) Tweet
With details scant and officials in both countries mum on the issue of American-made autos, industry experts were left guessing as to what the president meant.
12/11/2018 01:30 AM
Carlos Ghosn, Ex-Nissan Chief, and Nissan Are Charged With Misstating His Pay
Prosecutors in Japan charged the company and its former chairman with violating financial laws by underreporting his compensation by tens of millions of dollars.
12/03/2018 01:44 PM
U.S. November Car Sales Surprise on Upside
Holiday season deals propped up U.S. auto sales in November, limiting the scale of annual falls at some carmakers and putting overall figures on course to top analysts' expectations, numbers from several top producers showed on Monday.
11/29/2018 12:20 PM
Wheels: For Carmakers, Auto Shows Are No Longer Can’t-Miss Events
What used to be obligatory attendance at big-time shows, to attract thousands of media types in one place at one time, is now past.
11/30/2018 07:32 AM
Menial Tasks, Slurs and Swastikas: Many Black Workers at Tesla Say They Faced Racism
African-American workers have reported threats, humiliation and barriers to promotion at the plant. The automaker says there is no pattern of bias.
11/28/2018 09:43 PM
G.M., Not Trump, Is the Real Villain to Some Ohio Factory Workers
In a region where the president vowed that manufacturing jobs were coming back, the idling of a Chevrolet plant and its 1,600 workers is a major blow.
11/28/2018 01:00 PM
What’s Behind the G.M. Cutbacks, and Why Trump Is Angry
The White House signaled that the automaker could suffer for planning thousands of layoffs, but the company says the course is essential to its future.
11/27/2018 09:31 AM
Pain and Sense of Betrayal as Canada G.M. Factory Closes After a Century
“Just as you’re getting older to know that you don’t have a job, it’s really heart wrenching,” said a worker at the vast complex in Oshawa, Ontario, where families worked for G.M. for generations.
01/15/2019 06:17 PM
Ford and VW Team Up, With Talk of Driverless and Electric Cars
The automakers will develop and build pickup trucks and vans for various markets while pursuing wider cooperation on advanced technologies.
01/14/2019 06:42 PM
How Fiat Chrysler Sped From Laggard to Leader in Detroit
The company’s chief says the automaker no longer needs a merger or alliance to remain competitive, thanks to strong sales of its S.U.V.s and trucks.
01/14/2019 03:54 PM
letters: The F.B.I. Inquiry Into Trump and Russia
“The American people need to know whether their president is a Russian asset,” says a reader.
01/13/2019 10:00 PM
How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing
Tired: Shallow work. Wired: Deep work.
01/13/2019 06:22 PM
Electric Vehicles Are in the Spotlight at Detroit’s 2019 Auto Show
Automakers are rolling out models meant to widen the appeal of electric cars. But making it easier and faster to charge them is a crucial challenge.
01/11/2019 11:53 PM
Carlos Ghosn Faces New Charges in Japan as Pressure Mounts
Prosecutors made fresh accusations on Friday against the former Nissan chairman, setting up a legal battle that could keep him in custody for months.
01/09/2019 10:25 PM
Fiat Chrysler Is Expected to Pay Nearly $650 Million in Emissions Case
The company will pay compensation to car owners and civil penalties to federal and state agencies to settle lawsuits over its use of illegal software, people briefed on the case said.